Premium fishmeal is one of the best ingredients for aquaculture, due to its high protein levels, balanced amino-acids profile and digestibility.

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Sandakan Fishmeal Sdn Bhd (“SFM”) is a licensed manufacturer of high- quality, steam-dried fishmeal for the international market. Established in Sabah, Malaysia since 1984, we export mainly to Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia and Malaysia. Our fishmeal is pure and unadulterated with other ingredients, and can be safely used for animal feed with an ease of mind.

Every day, we receive fresh fish directly from fishing vessels which are processed within two hours of receipt, hence our fishmeal is fresh and low in TBVN. We have an in-house laboratory to analyse the nutritional composition of our fishmeal and to ensure compliance with our customers’ requirements. With a well-trained and experienced team, SFM is proud to be a long-term reliable partner for our international customers, which include large multi-national animal feed manufacturers and fisheries.

What Makes Fishmeal So Special?

Fishmeal is the most established and well-known ingredient for animal feed, especially for aquaculture. It provides essential nutrients to farmed fish and crustaceans, which are not easily available in other ingredients. Protein is key to growth and the protein in fishmeal is highly digestible, with values consistently around 95%, outperforming most of the other animal feed ingredients. Fish and animals combine about 22 kinds of amino acids to build proteins but some essential amino acids cannot be made in their bodies. There are ten essential amino acids that must be contained in the diet of fish: arginine, histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, and valine. Fishmeal contains a balanced profile of amino acids which fits the needs of farmed fish very well. and is therefore very attractive as a feed ingredient.

News Highlights

News Highlights

Fisheries management using maximum sustainable yields is key to maintaining healthy stocks, according to the IFFO.

Global fishmeal production is set for another year of growth, after 2020 saw an 11% increase and fish oil production rose 12% .

In 2019, Peru remained the main pelagic-based fishmeal and fish oil production and exporting country.

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